Confirmation Retreats

Bible searchTriad DiscussionTom leads our confirmation retreats. A ten-year, veteran volunteer teacher of Jr. high catechism, he knows how to relate to your students and help them prepare for the sacrament of confirmation.

Often these sessions include the sponsors (or other adults), as well as the candidates.  This is an optimal situation fostering deep sharing, because of the one-on-one discussions with candidates and sponsors.

Stories of the Gifts of Holy Spirit are central to the retreat, moments of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, courage, reverence, right judgment, and wonder and awe.

Tom’s approach is experiential.  It may involve the Ten Commandment Aerobics, The Embodied Rosary, The Spiritual Exercises of the Coffee Filter, or the Glory Be Juggle, which are all original activities developed by Creative Retreat.

These programs vary in length between 90 minutes to 6 hours.  Many parishes bring Tom in for more than one event during the preparation process. We will work with you to create a retreat experience that best suits your parish’s needs.
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