High School Retreats

We offer diverse, life-giving experiences that engage studentsSunrise cross and help them to come closer to God and each other.

We immerse your students in varied activity, such as scripture search, large group games, wagon wheel discussions, journaling, water ritual, story sharing, and Tom’s juggling metaphors.

We strive to open eyes, ears, and hearts with our experiential programing.  Our high school retreats are Christ centered. There is lots of overlap, but we have three general themes:

HS Wagon WheelOne in the Spirit—Community means “together with gifts.”  The emphasis is on connecting with God, our gifts, and each other.

I AM—Moses was told God’s name is “I AM.”  When we reflect on who we are, we start by saying, “I am.”  As we get to know ourselves, the more we get to know God.

God in All Things—God goes way beyond our church walls.  We explore how God is with us always, and everywhere.

We offer fun, thoughtful, prayerful high school retreat experiences.  Most often we facilitate the whole day, but sometimes we are brought in just to do a short session or two.

Let’s work together to plan what is best for your students.