Intergenerational Events

We specialize in intergenerational events that keep allME Kids 2 generations engaged and inspired.

When you need a 60-90 minute, spiritually uplifting program, consider bringing us in.   The religious education program Generations of Faith is a perfect fit, but also Christ Renews His Parish and other programs invite you to find presenters who can bring together the whole parish community.

Our story-based approach appeals to all ages at the same time.  Add in our creative scripture proclamation, refreshing rituals, and awe-inspiring activities and before you know it, you have a five year old and a grandparent inspired at the same time.

hand shakeAs we always do, we hand pick from our repertoire to create your program.  Tell us your theme, and your hopes for the night, and we will work with you to create an intergenerational event people will be talking about, well, for generations!

A sampling of activities from  a typical intergenerational event!