Parish Missions

Angel glassWe offer something different and profound when it comes to a parish mission.

It is different because it is led by a husband and wife team, and it is different because it is an intergenerational experience.  That means children, teens, adults and seniors come together to strengthen each other in faith.

It is profound because we experience the mission as full family, all being nourished at the same time, but each in a different way.

This is possible because the heart of our parish mission is story, and story has many levels and meanings.  Children and seniors can hear the same story, and each is nourished from it, but each according to his or her own experience.

Of course, the story we tell is of our faith.

Our missions usually last three consecutive nights.  Each night is 90 minutes. They can happen any time of the year.   The mission mixes creative scripture proclamation, witness story, prayer, sacred gesture, reflection, discussion, and innovative ritual.

In other words, the mission is experiential.

We are flexible and listen to your needs, and hopes, as we partner together to offer our life-giving missions.