DB Student PleadingProvidenza—Stories of St. John Bosco

This is our 50-minute presentation on the early life and priesthood of the Patron Saint of Youth, St. John Bosco.  Providenza, Italian, refers to God’s providence working in our lives.

DB Ball JuggleWe spent more than a year researching before we wrote the original script.

A fast-moving, two-person production, it transcends the age barrier. Adults, school children, and high school audiences equally enjoy it.

It is a moving story of faith, told with a strong dose of humor.  That was St. John Bosco’s way. This dynamic saint, born in 1815, was a juggler, magician and acrobat.  Our show features several juggling pieces.  Each of these has a lesson of faith built into it.

This presentation is a powerful choice for your school, parish or diocese.