Staff Retreats

People Discussing

Those responsible for the caring of the spiritual, educational and health needs of others deserve a retreat from time to time.  Indeed, this is mandated in some cases.  We create experiences to nourish those who nurture others.

Whether you are a school staff, parish staff, diocesan staff, religious order, medical institution, or other religious organization, we have something to offer you.

Part of what makes our staff retreats memorable and life giving is that they are creative and refreshing.  In a prayerful way, we do things that most people have never done before.

And yet, we intersperse these with more common experiences, like journaling, scripture search, and triad discussions.

Water abstract

One of our original activities starts with the simple truth that we are mostly water.  Then we elicit scriptures that mention water.  These water images spring forth from the group, and give the promise of never thirsting again.

We continue as each member receives a spoonful of water on a special disk impervious to water.  This allows us to see how it flows, beads, and reconnects with itself.  This process is fun, fascinating, experiential, and scriptural.  In short, refreshing and renewing.

One of our staff retreat titles is “Eucharistic People:  Called to Serve.”  In these retreats we focus on gratitude, service, and the Body of Christ.

Another of our original activities is called The Body of Christ Ritual.  In it, a large, round screen, which serves as a symbolic host, is passed from person to person.  We project on this screen video images of your people.  (We shoot the video earlier in the session.)  This is a tangible way of holding and supporting each other, of seeing each other as the Body of Christ.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for your visit to MND and your wonderful presentation at our faculty retreat.”

–Kathy Kohl, Mount Notre Dame High School

Tell us what you are looking for, how you want to help your staff, and we will work with you to create a refreshing, meaningful program.