Marriage and Family Retreats

Two silver wedding rings isolated on white.

While we are happy to offer a traditional marriage retreat, or enrichment night, just for couples, we also offer a marriage and family retreat.

This day, or weekend, is for both couples and families, but couples don’t have to have children to attend.  Everyone comes away with tools to help them grow in love for each other.

We facilitate the day drawing on our more than 30 years of marriage and training.  Full families are together for the opening, closing, and lunch sessions.

kids wave

During most of the day, couples will attend focus and work sessions to enrich their marriage led by the Sparoughs, while the kids have special programming of their own.  It is your responsibility to have babysitting and some of the children programing.

But, while the adults are working on assignments, the Sparoughs meet with the kids.  Remember, Tom is a professional juggler and storyteller.  Geralyn is a 20-year veteran educator and fiber artist.  Together they offer outstanding sessions for the kids that are humorous, inspiring and participatory.

Let’s work together to create an event that is right for your couples and their families.