Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a whole-system, change methodology.

That means, it is not “top down.”  It is not “bottom up.”  It brings together top management with front line workers, and middle management with outside stake holders. It puts improbable pairs together.

AI CircleIf you are looking to update your strategic plan this is the process that we use. If you want to inject fresh, new ideas and goals into your system, AI is for you. If you are looking for “engagement” and “buy in” to your organizational vision, AI is the way to go.

But you will have to be willing to let your whole organization help shape that vision.

The process usually culminates with a multi-day event called the summit.  Before and after the summit, a core group works to set the agenda, the questions to consider, and the follow up support.

We facilitate the AI process and partner with your core group.