Team Building

Refresh your vision. Recharge your people. Renew your commitment.

The best organizations are places where employees feel valued, have a sense of autonomy, feel connected to the larger group, and share some fun.  Our team-building programs provide a base experience that can be used as a stepping off point to greater communication, collaboration and celebration in your organization.

Consider our program: Invigorate! – Creating a Cohesive Team

This half-day or full-day program enlivens participants and reconnects them to the mission and purpose of your organization through invigorating experiences.  It is a de-stressing, humor-filled approach to team building.  We mix storytelling, Improv Theater, poetry and collaborative games to renew the energy of your group.

Research shows that engaged employees are highly effective and experience tremendous job satisfaction compared to their disengaged counterparts. Let us help you increase your engagement!

The people in this video are trying to identify changes that their partner just made. It is not always easy to spot changes!