Our Fees

Give us a call or send us an email to get a quote on a program.  In general we divide our programs into three categories:

Short Program–45-60 minutes.

Half Day—2-3 hours

Full Day—4-6 hours

We will need to know the estimated length of the program, the rough number of people who will participate, and where the program will take place—what city.

Our fees range between $600 and $2800 for a single program.

We do offer discounts for booking multiple programs, and for block booking (more than one place bringing us in for the same trip).

If the session you want is about an hour, and your location is in or near Cincinnati, and you are OK with one facilitator, then you will pay the minimum.

If your session is a full day and your location is more than 300 miles from Cincinnati (our home base), you will pay the maximum fee, or close to it, plus travel expenses.

We realize some organizations that would greatly benefit from our work, cannot afford these fees.  If that is your case, let us know.  In some cases we can adjust our rates to make our program viable for you.