Our Methods

Our innovative practices lead to your innovative results.

Creative Retreat, LLC, designs meaningful experiences for any group seeking to reflect, recharge or renew.  We help you increase clarity and strengthen relationships.  We help you embrace strategic efforts.  We help you to have break-through results.

Disc ImageAs our name implies, our offerings are experiential, inspiring, and fun.  We focus on what your organization needs.

We enliven our programs through the innovative use of storytelling, dialog, writing, juggling, fiber arts, Appreciative Inquiry, and sometimes, feather balancing.

Through the skillful use of humor, we are able to break down barriers and build new bridges.

We are experts in metaphor and use it to help your people generate new realities for your organization.

We provide team-building experiences through large and small group challenges and games.

Although our programs can be one-time events, we invite collaboration with you in a sustained effort to help create the vision you seek.  This can happen over the course of months, or years.