Geralyn’s Keynote

Being a fiber artist, former counselor, veteran teacher, and university administrator, Geralyn is acutely aware of the social fabric on many levels.

Geralyn keynoteHer keynote “Weaving the Social Fabric” helps to bring people together in positive ways.  Her warm, inviting stories, and her precise explanation of social phenomenon make her talks scholarly and down to earth at the same time.

Her keynote builds awareness.  This is important because much of our social fabric remains hidden.  She helps people to see how their actions and habits positively and negatively effect others, and their environment.

She is a master at weaving experiential moments together with stories, and understandable research summaries.

When time permits, she includes a hands-on weaving experience right into her talk, creating a social experience of discussion and handwork.

If you would like to create a strong social fabric at your next event, or in your organization, give us a call so we can work together to offer a presentation that will tie it all together.