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Math Is My Bag
by J. Thomas Sparough
$12This 88-page, activity math book is written for parents, teachers and anyone else who works with children in first to fifth grade. There are 17 hands-on lessons presented with clear, step-by-step instructions. All chapters utilize an everyday plastic shopping bag, which is thrown, spun, kicked, and caught illustrating math concepts such as addition, subtraction, division, and especially multiplication. This book incorporates multiple intelligence theory through engaging, fun physical math practice.

The Spiritual Exercises of the Coffee Filter
by J. Thomas Sparough
$6This 28-page activity book is based on manipulating a common coffee filter in trick ways. Ten simple tricks are offered that are paired with spiritually meaningful questions, and scripture quotes. The activity is a wonderful icebreaker and energizer for youth and adults alike. It is fully illustrated with black and white photos.

The Peace Prayer
of St. Francis
by the Sparough Family Mission Team
$9This 72-page mini book easily fits in a back pocket. “Make me an instrument of your peace…” begins this prayer which is one of the most loved prayers of the world. The book takes the Prayer of St. Francis and breaks it into 30 daily readings. Each section includes thought provoking prayers and inspiring meditations, punctuated with scripture verses and reflection questions. The entire text is illustrated with gestures in full color.

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(Click book to enlarge view)
The Secret Diary of Mother Mary
by J. Thomas Sparough, illustrations by Kelly M. Broxterman
$12This 117-page diary is written from the perspective of Mother Mary. It serves as a prayer guide reflecting on the Holy Family and showing how all families are similar to the Holy Family. Not a complete diary of the life of Mary, it starts at Jesus’ birth and takes us through 40 sacred months. Every passage is a meditation in and of itself. Original charcoal drawings accentuate the pages.

The Human Cannonball’s Last Thought
and other funny circus poems
by J. Thomas Sparough, Illustrations by Rachel Griffin
$12This 62-page collection of more than two dozen, funny, circus poems is hilariously illustrated. There is a laugh on these pages for everyone.  And yet the collection is more than funny. It is easy to fall in love with the characters and animals on these pages. This is a circus world which crowds of people will go back to time and time again.

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