Tom’s Keynote

Tom’s keynote presentations are inspiring, insightful, participatory, and fun.

He literally presents the metaphorical.  An expert juggler, he has insight to share about how many plates we keep spinning, and he doesn’t just talk about it.  He shows it to you.

Executive board member of the Storytelling In Organization group of the National Storytelling Network, he is a master storyteller.  He understands that every group has a story to tell, a story to Tom with bowling ballembrace, a story to release.

Consider his keynote “Juggling Multiple Priorities.”

Your people have a variety of concerns and considerations to keep up with.  In a stunning display of juggling everything from Tic Tac candies to beanbag chairs their story unfolds.

At the heart of this keynote is a moving message that we all benefit from.  The lessons that emerge are to Simplify, Focus, Respond, Help and Dream.

Tom’s keynotes are handmade, meaning he will adapt his material for your group. Whether you want a keynote on leadership, storytelling, community, spirituality, or education, he is ready to help shape a presentation with you that is exactly what your people need.